Wild Artichoke Infusion

Wild Artichoke Infusion


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The excellent properties of our wild artichoke containing 16% of fiber led us to decide that all of the product had to be used.Made from the leaves that en close the hearts of wild artichokes, this infusion can be drunk hot or cold and has remarkable properties: it purifies the liver, is an excellent diuretic, helps to lose weight, helps digestion and keeps the skin glowing. All this is thanks to the antioxidant properties of wild artichokes.

Ingredients: Leaves of wild artichoke

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We are a family-run farm started by Valentina, born in 1994, whose best wish has always been running a business in her homeland. Our approach stems from tradition and aims at meeting the highest quality expectations of contemporary customers. That is why, while dealing with traditional calabrian products, we always add a personal touch of innovation.

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